April 2000
Carmen Colombo

Do you believe what you see, or do you see what you believe? 

Is this a riddle?

No, it's a challenge. I challenge you (and me) to SEE what you really believe in, what you truly wish for with all your heart and soul. To see it with your own eyes, happening in your own life. How? That's the fun part. It's called being creative; using your imagination to create your own life.

Look at your life, and imagine that you have at your disposal, right now, everything you need to create your life the way that you want it. What would you do? Would you change anything? If so, do it, right now...in your imagination. See yourself in that new light, feel how it feels. Take that picture. See it and believe it. Of course it's selective perception, but we're already doing that now, right? Don't we imagine the worst and it happens? So how about imagining the best!

Even if you don't think that it can happen, try it anyway. We create in our mind the same way we create in "real life". This is an experiment, but at the same time it's proving the laws of nature. If you join me in this experiment, who knows what we'll report on this column next month!

This month, I want to tell you about our newest section on WOW Zone.

(r)evolution! is the next logical step for WOW Zone, because it goes to the root of problems. For four years, we've been wishing only well, learning how it works, and seeing the results. Now is the time to DO only well. If you are serious about putting an end to the bully attitude that has become a part of every day life, prove it. Do something. 

I wish that everyone who reads this realizes that when we do something good, that is our reward. When we sow hope, good deeds, love, kindness, joy, peace, we are actually doing ourselves a favor. Oh sure, there are takers who never give back, but notice that they'll always be takers because they never give back. They never have enough because they block their own flow.

You are who you think you are, so think very carefully.  

Show the world what you believe in. Don't just say WOW, BE WOW!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo

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