March 2000
Carmen Colombo

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air. Officially, it starts on March 20th - Earth Day!

The Peace Bell at the United Nations in New York will ring at 2:35 a.m. EST - the beginning of Spring. At the same moment (8:35 a.m., March 20, in Austria) the Peace Bell at the United Nations in Vienna will ring.

"One global common moment celebrating life with dedication of heart and mind to think and act as responsible Earth Trustees. We are one human family and have only one Earth."

Check out our Earth Day & WOW section for more information.

Our brainstorm this month at WOW Zone is to invite all of you to send in your pictures doing the WOW Sign! According to the letters we receive, many of you do the WOW Sign and are spreading it around. So we thought, what better way to make you feel like you really are a part of WOW than by having your pictures here! Be a part of the WOW Photo Album from around the world! More information can be found at

I wrote a letter about what we're doing at wowzone and sent it out to many, many, many key media people. You and I know that the WOW message and spirit can really help stop the violence, and protect and empower everyone, especially children. But will they? I sincerely hope that somebody, somewhere, will pick up the letter and do something. You can read excerpts of the letter, and if you or someone you know can help, please do.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who submitted stories, poetry and links for wowzone. I truly appreciate all the great stuff you're contributing. Thanks to you, we have a tremendous variety of reading material that can really move people. But I have to say, I want some funny stories! Funny, moving stories! Of course, funny doesn't mean vulgar or demeaning or anything like that, right? I'm counting on you, my dear readers, to make us all laugh.

Wherever you are, send in your pictures and funny stories! I can't wait to hear from you!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo

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