When you can walk by places
that haunted you,
without noticing at all. 

When you can hear that name
without feeling
a stab in your heart.

When you can say it yourself
without feeling
your blood boil.

Be glad and rejoice!
You're over it...
For sure.

Carmen Colombo
July 2003

Would you believe that some people have go to therapy to learn this? Well, there you go...we just saved you a bunch of money. Use it for something that will make you happy!

Seriously, these are the definite signs that you are "over" a situation, person, etc. It's called 'detachment', and it happens naturally, with time. 

By being aware of it, you may help the process along, or at least live through it a little easier. 

Whatever or whoever you have strong emotional reactions to,
still has control over you.

Think about it.



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