One summer day,
we kissed tenderly.
One summer night,
I cried desperately.

We said good bye,
leaving our feelings,
in the hands of destiny,
hoping that someday,
our dream would come true.

Time made us understand,
that crying, hoping and waiting
weren't enough to change the path
that our destiny had already written.

Promises were made,
but yet not kept;
As we lied to each other
and blamed the distance for our actions.

Imaginary kisses were sent with the wind...
Some made the trip, but most of them didn't.
As the wind decided to change direction,
some kisses got lost and disappeared on their way...

Those who somehow fought with all their love
died as they got to the front of your door.
But one made it through...
The one who kissed you that summer day,
tenderly ...
The same one who found you,
kissing another,
that summer night,

Carlos Bichai


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