Iím finally coming home,
I donít know why it took so long.
Will you let me in your heart
so I can be where I belong?

Iíve been around the world
a million times already.
My mind is dizzy
and I need something steady.
To keep me on this planet
for more than just a minute
at a time.
I need someone who understands.

Angels all around me
guiding me to you.
I trust in them completely;
they tell me about you.
And how you are
the only one
who can save me...

Angels all around me
laughing happily
I finally got the message
theyíve been sending me.
That youíre the one -
the only one
who can save me...

If you knew the splendor
that I see in you.
If you knew how tender
my heart is for you.
Youíd understand how
I feel for you.

If you knew how often
you stir up my heart.
If you knew the beauty
of everything you brought
into my life -
you'd understand why
you save me.

Angels all around me
calling out to you.
Smiling as they tell me
that soon you will know too.
That you're the one
the only one
who can save me...


Carmen Colombo
July 15, 1997


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