Earth Day 2004 in San Francisco

From: San Francisco Mayor's Office
To: John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day

Dear John,

Here is recognition and continuance of tradition for International Earth Day 2004 proclaimed by the San Francisco Mayor's office. 

Happy Earth Day!

This is the text of the proclamation:

WHEREAS, the first Earth Day was celebrated on the first day of spring on March 21, 1970; and

WHEREAS, plans for the first Earth Day were announced in San Francisco at the November 1969 UNESCO Conference on the Environment; and

WHEREAS, the first Earth Day proclamation was issued by San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto on March 21, 1970; and

WHEREAS, the Equinox is recognized as a unique moment of global equilibrium and first day of spring is historically celebrated by people of every creed and culture as a symbol of renewal; and

WHEREAS, the United Nations Peace Bell is sounded every year on the Equinox as part of a global appeal for universal peace and understanding, environmental protection, and human community; and

WHEREAS, the City of San Francisco acknowledges the local arrival of spring at 10:49 pm, Friday, March 19, 2004, the spring Equinox, and invites the people of San Francisco to listen to the worldwide ringing of bells in honor of the Earth at that moment; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Gavin Newsom, Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, in honor of a special day following the spring Equinox, join with all San Franciscans in remembering Earth's tender seedlings of life and people, and do hereby proclaim March 20, 2004 as

International Earth Day

In San Francisco!

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