A Poem For You

I wonder...
would things have been different
if I had written a poem for you...
like you wanted me to?

Words to immortalize
the passion that engulfed us...
the sacred fire burning within...
the synergy we created
that seemed indestructible.

Would things have been different?

I started several times...
Once, you read a part of it,
and smiled...

I said it wasn't finished
and it was true.
My poem was an ongoing one
for you.

But you never asked again...


You heard me say goodbye
when I said hello...
and you turned into stone.

You saw in me
those who left before...
without a word.

I wish you would have seen...

My poem for you was more than words;
it was the way I looked at you,
the way I touched you,
the way I held you,
the way I let you in my heart
without reservations...
where you reigned supreme.

Did you see that?

Or did you only see
those who said goodbye -
while I said hello...

Carmen Colombo
February 2002


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