Out of my ashes
will rise a new phoenix.

A soaring being
returning from death
proving once again
that life is eternal.

I live forever
because the spirit
never dies.

I will return
in another body
in another time,
but it is me.

The me who is me now
will always be.

As long as I live,
I learn.
And I live
F o r e v e r

Carmen Colombo1996

Please don't let this poem become "Anonymous". 

We saw "Phoenix" on several websites with no credit given to the author, Carmen Colombo. This is the way "Desiderata" and "Footprints in the Sand" ended up in litigation over who wrote them. 

Please, if you do use this or any other original poem or story from, include the name of the author and the referring website: Thank you.



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