Into the Woods

Oh where have you been all day
That you have been so long away?
Oh, I have been a woodland child,
And walked alone in places wild.
Bright eyes peered at me everywhere,
And voices filled the evening air;
All sounds of furred and feathered things,
The footfall soft, the whir of wings.
Oh, I have seen grey squirrels play
At hide-and-seek the live-long day;
And baby rabbits full of fun
Poked out their noses in the sun,
And, unafraid, played there with me
In that still place of greenery.
A thousand secrets I have heard
From every lovely feathered bird;
The little red and yellow leaves
Danced round me in the autumn breeze,
In merry frolic to and fro,
As if they would not let me go.
How can I stay in this full town,
When those far woods are green and brown?


Dorothy Baker


Special thanks to Ben Taylor for helping to find the author and full text of this poem.


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