You Know Everything

You have no idea,
and you probably don't care.
Should I tell you just the same?
Should I?

Is there a point in telling you?
You know everything...
Before I say a word,
you're smiling to yourself.

Hey, listen to me with your heart,
your head is too confused.
You see yourself in me...
You want me just like you.

But look at me, 
I'm not your clone,
I'm living my own life.
Will you look at me?
Do you see yourself?
Do you finally understand?

I'm not what you expected
or who you need right now.
But still you try to shape me
and you succeed somehow.

But now I want to tell you
that I'm on to your game.
And even if you're not playing,
it's really all the same.
Because you know
that it's been going on
for much too long...
and it's gonna stop
yes it's gonna stop
right now!

Do you feel like a light
went on in your brain?
Do you suddenly
see everything clearly?

Do you understand
that I need my own space,
that it's something
that I hold dearly?

So many times
I try to tell you
but you brush it aside.
But now the time has come for us
to look it in the eyes.

You know that I'm not kidding,
this time it's really true.
I've had enough of all these games...
I've had enough of you.

So go ahead, cry if you want to,
it won't change a thing.
You should have thought about it...
since you know everything.

You're acting so surprised
how could you believe
that it would go on forever?
You can't be that naive...

Look at me, I'm not your clone,
I'm living my own life.
Look at me, I'm not your mirror,
try to understand.

I don't want to hurt you
but you're suffocating me.
I have to go
I have to run
so please...
just let me be.

Carmen Colombo
March 11, 1995

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