Just for Today

By Sibyl F. Partridge

Just for today I will be happy. This assumes that what Abraham Lincoln said is true, that "most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Happiness is from within; it is not a matter of externals.

Just for today I will try to adjust myself to what is, and not try to adjust everything to my own desires. I will take my family, my business, and my luck as they come and fit myself to them.

Just for today I will take care of my body. I will exercise it, care for it, nourish it, not abuse it nor neglect it, so that it will be a perfect machine for my bidding.

Just for today I will try to strengthen my mind. I will learn something useful. I will not be a mental loafer. I will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration.

Just for today I will exercise my soul in three ways; I will do somebody a good turn and not get found out. I will do at least two things I don't want to do, as William James suggests, just for exercise.

Just for today I will be agreeable. I will look as well as I can, dress as becomingly as possible, talk low, act courteously, be liberal with praise, criticize not at all, nor find fault with anything and not try to regulate nor improve anyone.

Just for today I will try to live through this day only, not to tackle my whole life problem at once. I can do things for twelve hours that would appall me if I had to keep them up for a lifetime.

Just for today I will have a program. I will write down what I expect to do every hour. I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. It will eliminate two pests, hurrying and indecision.

Just for today I will have a quiet half-hour all by myself and relax. In this half-hour sometimes I will think of God, so as to get a little more perspective into my life.

Just for today I will be unafraid, especially I will not be afraid to be happy, to enjoy what is beautiful, to love, and to believe that those I love, love me.

Sólo por hoy

Sólo por hoy seré feliz. La felicidad es algo interior; no es asunto de afuera. La mayoría de las personas son tan felices como deciden serlo.

Sólo por hoy trataré de ajustarme a lo que es y no trataré de ajustar todo a mis propios deseos. Aceptaré mi familia, mi trabajo, mi suerte como son, y procuraré encajar en todo ello

Sólo por hoy cuidaré de mi organismo. Lo ejercitaré, lo atenderé, lo alimentaré, no abusaré de él ni lo abandonaré.

Sólo por hoy trataré de vigorizar mi propio espíritu. Aprenderé algo útil. No seré un haragán mental.

Sólo por hoy haré algún bien a alguien sin que lo descubra. Y haré dos cosas buenas aunque no me agrade hacerlas.

Sólo por hoy seré agradable. Tendré el mejor aspecto que pueda. Me vestiré con la mayor corrección que esté a mi alcance. Hablaré en voz baja, me mostraré cortés, seré generoso con la alabanza y no criticaré a nadie.

Sólo por hoy trataré de vivir este día, sin abordar a la vez todo el problema de la vida.

Sólo por hoy tendré un programa Escribiré lo que tengo pendiente y eliminaré dos plagas: la prisa y la indecisión.

Sólo por hoy tendré media hora tranquila de soledad y descanso. En esta media hora trataré de pensar en Dios, a fin de conseguir una mayor perspectiva para mi vida.

Sólo por hoy no tendré temor y, especialmente, no tendré temor a ser feliz, a disfrutar de lo bello, a amar y a creer que los que amo me aman.


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