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Greetings from Jay

Hi, I'm Andrew Wilson, also known as Jay. People always ask me where the idea of J.A.Y. MaG came from, so here it is:

Jason, Jay, J. J., Lil J, Cool J...these are some of the nicknames I've been given over the years. You see, the name Jay comes from a Greek God that was related to my mother...just kidding!

My mother named me Jason when I was born because she said that the doctors and nurses said that I looked like a Jason...yeah, right! Anyway, my mom always liked it, but it didn't last because my real father named me Andrew for reasons only my mother knows. The only thing my mother told me about my real father was that he tried to kill me when I was an infant. I guess that explains why my mother never calls me Andrew.

The only person who helped my mother during all this ordeal was her best friend and sister, my aunt, who raised me until I was 5 years old. She raised me because my mother needed to get her life together again, and then she remarried. My aunt called me J. J. because she liked the character in a television show called "Good Times"...she thought I looked like him.

Until I met Carmen Colombo from WOW Zone, I never really understood what my mother went through. Now I believe that God saved my life for a purpose.

A wise man once told me: Keep you dreams in your heart and never ever give up. Stay strong and remember that you can only be happy when you feel the Joy Around You. And now, after all these years, I made the connection....JAY is more than a name...it's a feeling!

Try saying this to everyone you meet, and your day will be so much brighter:

Feel the Joy Around You...I Wish you Only Well.


Andrew Wilson (Jay)
J.A.Y. MaG

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