Imagine it blue 

I don’t understand
How you get so out of hand.
One minute you’re flying and...
The next you barely stand.

Don't you know you'll drown
If you drift too far from shore?
Do yourself a favor,
Smile a little more.

Stop looking at the gray sky
Imagine it blue.
Imagine that the sun
Is shining just for you.

Stop crying with the clouds
It only brings you down.
Turn your tears to joy,
Spread it all around.

Imagine deep blue
starry nights.
Imagine sunshine
Every day of your life.

Whatever you wish...
Believe that it's true!
Imagine the sky...
Imagine it blue!

Carmen Colombo
March 1999

Imagine it blue -

per Giovanni ...

poster inspired by a painting by Master G.P. Sassano

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