Good for You!

You promised yourself,
no more lies.
And you meant it.
Good for you!

You said that you壇 rather
live with yourself...
than the lies.
Good for you!

So you値l start again.
So you値l cry again.
So you値l get to know
another part of you.
Hey, hey...
good for you!

It seems once again
that you致e been stabbed in the back.
But you took it well,
congratulations for that.

You know that someday,
you値l be laughing last.
And you値l be OK...
Just don稚 give up.

So you値l cry again...
So you値l start again.
So you値l see the world
from another view.
And I say
good for you!
Oh yeah...
Good for you!

Every time that you pick yourself up,
you get another chance.
It could be so much worse than that...
Hey, you could be dead.
That's right,
you could be dead...

So you try again.
So you cry again.
So you get a chance
to do something new!
And I must say:
good for you!
Oh yeah...
Good for you!

Carmen Colombo
Feb 1996


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