Hope Is Like A Crocus 
Growing Through The Snow



With every beat of my heart

I am reminded of your first breath

When I held you to myself

Embraced you to know you as my child

Yet today

A total stranger or a non-custodial parent

Denies me my right to hold you close to myself

If it were your last breath

For in one incredible moment

Your innocence was transformed into

The life of a fugitive

Fleeing from justice

Fleeing from those who love you

Fleeing from all the dreams we still dream for you

For when you were created 

The spark of God was placed within you

Now it is hidden from us

Holding us captive

Unable now to fan the spark into a flame of love

Unable to speak you name and see you beside me

Unable to look into your eyes and see the reflection of my love

Unable to see you jump and skip rope and admire your beauty

Unable to kiss you as you lay in bed asleep

Unable to share the excruciating pain and you cannot hear me

For on one given day in the history of the whole of humankind

You were snatched away from my loving arms

Leaving behind a broken heart that can be mended only by your return

Leaving behind a restless mind that can come to rest only with your presence

Leaving behind an empty spirit that can only be filled with your love

Never again should a child be exploited, abused, or go missing

For our shame is what happens to one child

Happens over and over to the thousands who are exploited, abused, or missing

For one child is worth the largest of diamonds, the most precious of pearls, 

The most valuable of precious stones

And that child is you child 

To be treasured so that we will never give up hope

And hope transforms despair 

For is not the crocus able to grow through the snow

Can a rose not grow through a crack in a wall and flourish on the other side

Can we not see the moon come back each night

Will not the sun rise today and give us a brighter day

And every child will be where she or he is meant to be

In a safe place and loving arms

And who will whisper gently

Mom .. Dad ..  I love you.           


Father John E. Walsh


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