A Golden Cage

Learn to trust.

Listen to the voice inside you,
that's saying loud and clear:
All is for a reason,
there is nothing to fear.

I never realized
that I had built myself
a beautiful cage
but a cage nonetheless.

I judged myself the way
I thought everyone judged me.
I saw through a million eyes,
but was as blind as I could be.

I lived my life the way
It seemed it "should" be lived.
I never really asked myself
any serious questions.

I walked the beaten path,
and blended in the crowd.
It never occurred to me
to even look around.

The surest way to lose control
is to think you have it at all.
It's when you least expect it
that you take the greatest fall.

it's when you think you're steady
that the wind blows you away.
It's when you think you have forever
that you're living your last day.

The noise of the world
can drown the little voice inside.
But don't ignore it,
or it will turn you inside out.

Listen to it seriously
when it challenges you to see,
what is reality
and what are dreams.

We all live in cages
that we build ourselves.
And though some are beautiful,
they're cages nonetheless.

But sooner or later
we finally see,
that life is worth living
only if we're free.


Carmen Colombo

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