Dear WOW List,

On Friendship

Oh, Time elapsed so fast
We seem to be rushing in
Catching every moments available
To be with each others presence

Merrily, we celebrate our persons
Tracking, keeping the fire aglow
For the time has come to say goodbyes
Welcoming a new day in our life

The gushing wind blows in ways it goes
Notwithstanding how one know
Sparkling eyes, laughter the breaks the silence
Forever will linger in my mind and heart

The profoundest gift we’ll ever know
That once in our lifetime, a moment shared
Where we willed, as it should be
The person that we always wanted to be

Until then my friend, o dearest friend
When time permits us to meet again
Goodbyes have no place in our heart
Nevertheless, resolved to do our part.

Br. Joshua, SSS
Jan 9, 2001
5 P.M.

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