Bless you, love

My dear...
you inspire me.
Your ability to move me -
moves me.
I, who couldn’t be moved...

You awaken me.
From the deepest depth of my
I find myself in constant
I, who never really wondered...

You soften me.
You melt the ice inside my soul.
You spin my heart out of control.
I, who didn’t care at all...

Bless you, love,
you’re cherished and adored.
Beyond your wildest dreams,
you’re loved even more.

Always know in your heart -
you’re truly loved,
no matter where you are.
And you are blessed...
bless you, love.

Yes, you are blessed.
Bless you, love.

Carmen Colombo
December 20, 1998

Per l'amore che verrą...


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