Are You Still Yummy?

Are you still yummy?
Remember when I held you
and whispered
"you're so yummy, love".
And you whispered back
"you make me laugh".
And I said again
"you're so yummy, love, 
so yummy".

So tell me, are you still yummy?

Remember how often I said it
until you believed it.
Then you asked jokingly
"am I still yummy?"

And I said sincerely,
with all of my heart,
"always more, love,
always more".

Years have passed
and I find myself wondering
if you ever heard
those words again.
You'd still hear them from me
But that ended long ago.
Life got in our way
A lifetime ago...

Still I remember fondly
and it always makes me smile...
How yummy you are,
you wonderful child.

And I find myself hoping
that you feel yummy 
as you did with me...
Always, love,


Carmen Colombo
February 2006

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