A Walk With God

A variation of the famous "Footprints in the Sand" Poem

  I took a walk with God late one night,
  And in the sky I saw quite a sight.
  There were scenes from my life in 3-D!
  I'm pretty sure they were meant for me.

  The good times were there, the sad as well,
  Even the times that I went through hell.
  But there was something else I saw up there,
  It didn't look right, it didn't seem fair.

  Let's say we walked along the Jersey shore,
  Even though I've never been there before.
  And say our footprints, God's and mine,
  Were side-by-side, most of the time.

  When they weren't, I saw drag marks instead,
  They coincided with scenes full of dread.
  Ten lines I would see, side-by-side,
  When they weren't washed away by the tide.

  The lines were deep, but not really big,
  Like someone would make if using a twig.
  And always the scenes in which they'd appear,
  Were times in my life that I lived in fear.
  Or finding my life was not as I planned,
  There'd be this long stretch of grooves in the sand.

  I'm puzzled God, what does all this mean?
  It baffles me when I see these scenes.

  You said you'd be there to see me through,
  In good times and in bad times, too.
  But it looks like when I needed you most,
  You weren't even there, just like a ghost.

  What's with those drag marks, could you explain?
  Why is it only when I'm in pain?

  And God said to me, "It's not what you think!
  Hold on a second, while I slam this drink.

  Those scenes that bewilder you so much?
  Ones full of fear and drag-marks and such?
  I did as you asked, when times got tough,
  You prayed to be carried through the rough.

  And so the lines you see in the sands,
  Were made by the fingers of your own hands.
  I grabbed your body by your toes,
  And dragged your ass right through them woes!

  I could tell that you were pretty riled,
  You hollered and cursed for miles and miles.
  I never heard anyone be so vile!
  But through it all, I simply had to smile.

  I knew you'd come around in just a while,
  After all, I've seen your complete file!

  So keep this in mind the next time you feel,
  That Life is giving you a raw deal,
  That you may be granted just what you pray,
  But it won't happen how you think it may."

  Submitted by the author
  Ronnie Wright

  Posted on WOW Zone: February 2005

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