You're in my thoughts 
because you're in my heart.
It's really as simple as that.
Don't search for motives, 
I couldn't pretend.
You know I wish you
only well...

I reach for you,
but you slipped away.
I lost you in a storm of fear...
One moment you were there
and the next you disappeared.
I still look for you, all the time.
No matter where you are,
distance isn't measured
by the heart...

A moment is a lifetime -
a lifetime away from you.
I feel your pain,
and it tears me apart.
I wish that I 
could heal your heart...

The storm is over now...
Run into my arms,
let me chase your fears away,
kiss your tears away...

The storm is over now.
And I'm still here,
like I promised you.
Always and forever.
I'll be with you,
my love...

Carmen Colombo

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