I See You

I see you and I have to smile
what else can I do?
You bring out the kid in me
oh yeah, you really do...

The one who's running
in the back streets
happy and carefree
the moments melt into days
and I see me...

Spinning in the sunshine
looking at the clear blue sky
and feeling that everything
is gonna be so fine

Spinning in slow motion
happy and carefree...
That's what you - do to me
The twinkle in your eyes
is like a beacon in the night

Your gentleness evokes a spirit
of times when life can be so easy
enjoying your heartbeat
and sweet loving kisses

What else can I say but thanks
for being a sweet and gentle soul
And for the part of you I carry
that makes me smile out of control

You make me feel almost normal
you make me feel so good inside
your halo glows all around you
you make me glad to be alive


Carmen Colombo
April 7, 1996