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As responsible citizens of the world, and pioneers on the internet, we are aware that SPAM (unsolicited or unauthorized email) is wholeheartedly disliked by most people.

That's why it's our pledge to you that your email address will never be given to anyone. 

Your email is never listed on our site, not even in your submissions, unless you ask for it to be there. The only place that you can personally make your information public, if you choose the option, is at The Open Forum. All outside links to Companies Advertising at the WOW Super Mall have their own Customer Support, and WOW Zone does not get any of your information. 

It's easy to reach us at WOW Zone, since our email address is on every page throughout the site. We also have a Contact page with a real physical location, not just  a P.O. Box, and where real people work. We get thousands of emails monthly, and we respond. You can reach us anytime by email, and during standard business hours, Eastern Time (GMT-5; or same as New York Time) on the telephone. We also take appointments for personal interaction such as interviews, live or taped television or radio shows, and business relationships. If you're in the Montreal, Quebec, Canada area and wish to meet, please write to us for an appointment. 

We appreciate your visit and your spreading the word about our website. We went online in June 1996, and we presently receive millions of visitors from around the world monthly. We're growing all the time, constantly adding new and exciting material, because we want your visit to WOW to be one of the most pleasant experiences of your day.

We want to thank everyone who visits, and we send you our very best wishes.

Wish Only Well

The WOW Zone Team
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