You say that you love me to death 
and I know that it's true.
Your love is lethal.
Your love is lethal.

I'm tangled inside of your web
and it's all about you.

Your love is lethal,
so lethal.

(God knows) I want to please you
but you're never satisfied.
I give you an inch,
but you expect a mile.

So I give you a mile,
and you want a hundred more...
You act like you're the only one 
in the world.

I don't understand
how you reason with yourself.
With one hand you give me love,
with the other, such misery.

But you don't fool me anymore
because now I know for sure.
Your love is lethal,
so lethal.

You say that you love me to death
and I have no doubt.
You're killing me
with your love.

I'm lost inside of your world
and my own is gone.
My life revolves
around yours.

You absorb me.
You encompass me.
I'm smothered by,
I'm drowning in,
your so-called love.

I wish I could
just disappear.
Without the pain
without the guilt.

Because your love is lethal,
so lethal.

Carmen Colombo

May 29, 2005

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