Left Behind

Left Behind
That thought doesn't even
Enter my mind

You're asleep in your bed, 
And you awake to find
You're one of the people
That's been left behind

Now you think
It's time to pray
So you drop to your knees
And start to say

Please God take me,
What didn't I do?
I was a good person
To everyone I knew

I thought for sure
This wouldn't happen to me
Being good to everyone,
It's a guarantee

This is the problem
With some people today
They think if you're good, 
That's the only way

Get Saved
Romans 10:9-10

Put God number one,
And keep Him there
Everything else in this world
Doesn't even compare

There wouldn't be a soul,
Not even one
If we all just do
What God wants done

It could happen anytime,
Only God will know
So don't be surprised,
Be Ready To Go

Don't Be Left Behind

Michael Williams
From the book
"To God Be The Glory For The Things He Has Done And Will Do"
A Collection of Christian Poetry
Visit Michael's site at

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