Did I jolt you?

Did I jolt you?
Did I interrupt your peace?
You hear crying in the distance
and don't know what it is.

It's very simple,
I spun out of control.
I bruised my ego
I even bruised my soul.
Oh Lord,
the pain I know...

Are you watching?
Does it trouble you at all?
Will you help me...
Or wait until I fall?
Oh Lord!
Don't let me fall...

Lift it off me!
I've carried it enough.
I'm no savior,
don't want to bear this cross.
Oh Lord, 
Please lift it off.

Did I jolt you?
I dared to bother you.
Will you shame me...
Or will you help me through?
Oh God, 
Please help me through.

Carmen Colombo
December 1999

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