Joe Papa
WOW from Joe Papa - 2001

Joe Papa is the most respected and well known columnist and photographer in the 
Canadian Italian Community in Montreal.

His website includes photos and articles from his column in the Corriere Italiano called "Paparazzi"


for news & personalities in the Montreal Italian Community.

Joe Papa & Celine Dion on
Joe Papa with CÚline Dion, 1985

Before CÚline Dion was a superstar around the world, 
the Italian Community in Montreal, Quebec, Canada embraced and supported her in many ways.

She never lost her Italian fans and friends, one of whom, a well known Montreal Designer, created CÚline's majestic wedding dress when she married her manager, RenÚ Angelil.

Bravo CÚline, and WOW to you!

Please credit for the picture of CÚline Dion in 1985. We have seen it in many of CÚline's fan clubs and sites, and we are glad to share it with the world. The only thing we ask for is credit for the picture. Thank you.

Nous avons vu cette photo de CÚline Dion prise en 1985 sur plusieurs sites et clubs CÚline. Nous sommes heureux de la partager avec le monde. La seule chose que nous vous demandons est de donner la source de la photo comme Útant Merci.

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