No matter how much I love you
you'll always love me more
That's what you say
and I believe you
Am I a fool
to believe you?

How many times
did you save me?
I run 
but you beckon me back
to you...
over and over
And I give in to you,
over and over...

Believing each time
that you couldn't let me down
Believing what I want
to believe...

Am I being a fool
for believing in you?
How can you stand to be
so cruel to me?
How can you watch me cry
without comforting me?

Why do you say that you love me
and then tear my life apart?
Why must you be so hard
on my sensitive heart?
You think I'm strong...
but really, I'm not!
Stop the testing....
Be gentle with my heart...

Don't make me feel like a fool
for believing in you
I know you couldn't be
so cruel to me
You couldn't watch me cry
without comforting me...

Carmen Colombo

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