The Colombo Family

 Colombo Family (

I would like to introduce my family, the original 5 of us. This picture was taken when WOW Zone was still young, in 1996

From left to right: My sister Maria, my mom Angela, my dad Gennaro, me (Carmen Colombo, founder of WOW Zone), and my brother Giovanni.

In addition to the five of us, our immediate family consists of my sister's husband, Pasquale Ramacieri, along with their adult children: my nephew, Joe Ramacieri, and my niece Tina, (with her husband Carlos Bichai, and their baby boy born on September 28, 2004). 

Last but not least, our beloved cat Deeva, who is as much a part of the family as the rest of us.

This is the family that helps make WOW Zone possible through love, support and guidance.  

P.S. If you reached this page while researching the Colombo Crime Family, you are definitely in the wrong place.
There are many sites which deliver that information, and we prefer to exemplify our family name, Colombo, which means DOVE (colomba) in Italian.
The dove is a universal symbol of peace. WOW is Wish Only Well, the three finger sign and a message of hope, peace and goodwill that is spreading around the world. 

You may notice that there are many Colombo's on the Official WOW List. We are not all related, as most of them found WOW by chance. However, according to the earliest records dating 1200 AD, all "Colombo's" of Italian descent originated in Genoa, Italy.

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