Sweet, sweet child...
heart of my heart,
light of my life.
Breath that sustains me,
dream that persuades me
to carry on...

Without you, life is empty.
Without you, I may as well
not breathe, not live.
I may as well erase
all the dreams I've had,
all the ones I live for.

Sweet, sweet child...
You're the only one
who never lets me down.
The only one who cries with me,
the only one who makes me smile.

So many walk
in and out of my life.
And you watch silently.
As they
push the buttons,
pull the strings.
You feel the pain quietly.

How I wish I could
See you happy.
How I wish your tears
were of joy.
Where's the mustard seed
that will save us?
Do we still have a chance?
Do we still have a soul?

You forgive me,
you understand me,
you feel me.
Do you think we'll make it?
Do I have the right to
destroy you
as I
destroy myself?

Carmen Colombo
Feb 22, 1989


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