The Beauty Of You

The beauty of you
leaves me breathless.

You will always be
loved, cherished, protected,
wished only well.

Be grateful!
Be of good cheer!
Your heart is pure
and blessed with Peace.

And though you err
like everyone,
your heart remains pure.

You would never knowingly
inflict pain.
And once you know, 
you don't do it again.

Your word is better than gold.

You shine!

So brightly that it blinds
both friends and foes.
Yes, even those
that you THINK
don't exist.

But they do,
and they study you,
to find your Achilles' heel.

And then you're putty
in their hands...

Oh mercy!
What a tragedy.
A glorious diamond
treated like glass.

Look deep into your eyes.


You are so bright
that you blind everyone,
to the magnificent, wondrous,

Your soul is brighter than the sun.

You are "unique in all the world"

You owe no explanation,
no justification
to anyone.

You are loved.
You are precious.
You are Free.

And you will forever



Carmen Colombo
January 19, 2006
rev March 15, 2008 cc

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