Turning Crisis Into Opportunity


As we approach the New Millennium we recognize civilization's appalling failure -- wars, injustice, poverty, pollution -- and the real danger of the demise of the human race. From Earth Day came the solution that can provide a future:

Let individuals and institutions think globally as part of one human family -- recognizing Earth's future now depends on us acting as Earth Trustees with choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will rejuvenate our planet and benefit all.  There has been a strong response to this idea from around the world. (See
www.earthsite.org)  Why not try the impossible: 

Let leaders and laymen on both sides in Kosovo know that they now have an opportunity to change their local crisis into a global opportunity.  They can show the world the power and benefit of the Earth Trustee idea.  In order to save civilization they will lead the way -- by forgetting the past and demonstrating that enemies can be friends. They will restore everyone's home and stake in the planet and show the world that in their separate beliefs are items of profound common ground.  Then together we can save our planet!

John McConnell -- 84 year old founder of Earth Day

WOW Earth Trustees