Hopefully Today

What can I tell you
that you don't already know?
You know me better than I know myself.
You made me...

I'm broken and need fixing.
I'm in queue...

One day soon...
Hopefully today,
You'll pick me up 
with your loving hands
look me over,
and know exactly what to do...

There's so much that needs fixing...
Maybe it would be quicker to replace me
with a new model...
New and improved!

But you are good, and kind,
and full of mercy.

You'll say
"Oh, my child, how you have suffered...
I see your heart so full of pain
only because it's so full of love.
Yes, I understand this pain, ...
and I know how to fix it.

I'll give you even more love
to patch any hole
to fill any vacancy
Yes, this is an easy one for me..."

And immediately, I am healed
and stronger than ever...

Powered by Love
and ready to go.

Carmen Colombo
February 2002

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