Pray with me,
for me...
I'm claiming my ticket to heaven.
You told me that it's free.
But I pay and pay and pay...

Pray for me!
That's your job, isn't it?
What do you do all day?

Do you zoom through space and time?
Comfort everyone who cries?
And some days it just freaks you out!
Is today one of those days?

Maybe I should wait 
until tomorrow and try again.
Maybe then, 
you'll have more time for me.
Or maybe then, 
I'll be able to amuse you
instead of depress you...
Wouldn't that be a refreshing change?

Pray for me, 
You know I pray for you.
There's never too much prayer
for a world that has no clue.

Carmen Colombo, October 14, 1998

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