On March 20, 2001 at 8:31 a.m. (the moment Spring begins) the Peace Bell will ring at the United Nations.

The ringing of the bell signals two minutes for simultaneous silent prayer all over the world.

The March Equinox is at the moment when Sunlight is equal in both hemispheres. This moment provides a special time for global dedication to Peace, Justice and Care of Earth.

John McConnell, founder of Earth Day, says, "As we look around the world today we see a global crisis, with hate and fury in so many people. We ask ourselves, is there any hope for the future?

"We have a simple idea, a concept that needs to be known worldwide. As it spreads we will see a global change of attitude, a global change of heart. This will bring a future for ourselves and our children.

"That concept is simply that each one of us, in our own way, must think and act as responsible Trustees of Earth.

"When the Peace Bell rings on Earth Day, we can use that moment to join in global commitment to work for the protection and care of our planet, and to do it with great love -- love of our planet and its people.

"Regardless of what our religious faith is, we can deepen it by recognizing that in the care of Earth we are showing our love of God's creation.

"I pray that as we experience this Earth Day moment of consecration, we will commit ourselves to do everything with love.

"When we ring the Peace Bell, let there be a commitment that in this coming year we will foster resolution of conflict and fair opportunities for all -- in our local and global affairs.

"May Peaceful Progress Prevail on Earth!"


John McConnell - www.earthsite.org