Pain Of My Pen


A sharpened sword ignites the animal instinct in human, but the tip of a pen energizes the mind -
And this is evidenced well in history, where too many examples we can always
find !
The strength of sword may bring physical victory, but the silent pen triggers
the mental pain -
Thus, the brutal sword in modern history became obsolete, but the effects of
ink are still not in vain !

Truth on the tip of tongue may be suppressed by bribes or shrewd forces of twisted laws -
But the etching from the pen on paper has kept the history under its
glorious claws !
The sufferings from the inhumane deeds are the silent witness of mankind now -

While the pens of the "Think-Tanks" try to come forward and swiftly show us
how !

Restrictive minds of modern civilization created the reign of artificial brain -
And reflected on the lack of respect for human rights as an effluent to go
down the drain !
Appeals to the public through emotions may be the conduit now to maintain the
flow of ink in pen -
While the addiction to truth may enrich our minds, and guide us with the
spiritual gain !

Greed, corruption, and lust for power create the havoc to destroy the simplicity of life -
But addiction to writing through the rolling pen enables the thoughts to
dance with the fife !
Hardship of becoming the society's victim today is extremely hard to ignore -

No matter, how the pen might try to express, or swim to reach the perilous
shore !

The principles of goodness and fairness may be the miracles of the past, as told in the fable -
That we may strive to bring back now with human rights, when we discuss on
the table !
So, let me pave the way today to destroy the concept of artificiality, and
revitalize the old fashioned deal -
And allow the pain of my pen to sail away, and land on the dock gently with a
soothing balm to heal !!!

Hillol Ray

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