Lies and deception await me.
Today, did you think about me?
How does it feel to kind of be free?
Do you love this space away from me?

Did you talk to him
or you're just not in a hurry?
Did you pass next to your phone
hoping that I had called you?

I miss you so much;
but I somehow feel
that you never cared.
It hurts me to think about it
after everything we shared.

Promises were made,
but will they be kept?
As I try to forget
the chance of us fading...
but if you haven't called me yet,
there's no point of me waiting.

And above all of these observations;
you still don't admit
that there's something going on...
Anyways, I'll just have to wait
and see
cause a week from today
I'll know, if I have to move on...

Carlos Bichai
February 1998

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