No power is greater than love.
But to obtain its unshackled strength
One must become as sensitive to the
Pulsing quivers of the heart as a
Candle flame is to the faint unseen
Breezes of a dark-filled room.

This control at the center of things can only be
Reached by humility, reverence, quietness, and a
Search for beauty.
When it is found, the faintest
Touch can release untold energies…

Then a man can stand ten miles tall and send
Thunderbolts crashing through barriers of
Stone and steel.
He can unleash ten thousand
Amazons to quench the world’s great desert thirst.

With the serenity of Mount Everest in his mind, and the
Fires of Vesuvius in his heart, he can
Unleash the energies of his faith with the
Sudden brightness of an H-Bomb.

To find and master the delicate secret
Control can be the great quest of a man’s life.
The difference between an empty
Meaningless existence and a
Burst of joy that sends one like a
Rocket in search of the stars…
Is nothing more than a gentle
Breath that sways a candle flame.

John McConnell 1965

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