Look at me!
Bet you thought I wouldn't make it
thought you'd seen
the last of me...

I'm back
feeling like I never have
feeling like a great big tiger
or an eagle
or something
that I never felt before

I feel
that I can move mountains
and the world is there
just for me

All the memories
of sadness and defeat
of losing everything
are fading

I have a great big vision
in my mind
I see it all - so beautiful
and no one is sad
no one is to blame
no one feels regret
or anything
that wouldn't make them smile

Oh yes, I know
what you're thinking
you've heard it all before
I'm nothing but a fool
to think this way

But every day
is a fresh new canvas
and the colors that you use
are up to you

Look at me
standing for another round
life can hurt me
but I won't stay down

        Bet you thought
you'd never see me
laughing at the world again
but it's so funny
that I just can't help it

Look at me
boldly taking my position
daring life to
come and get me
nothing seems
impossible to me

Just look at me
still believing in myself
never throwing in the towel
must be my faith
is stronger than me

You can say
that I'm acting way too cocky
that I'm asking for some problem
then I'll lick my wounds
in solitude again

But not this time...
this time I am in control
because I really learned the role
I have the timing and the lines
down pact

This time
life is on my side
I befriended it
while I was out to lunch

Ha, ha!
look at me.
Just when you thought
you'd seen the last of me
I'm back
feeling like a lion
feeling like an eagle
look at me
can you believe it...

Carmen Colombo
February 1995

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