Homogenization - A Millennium Dream


Being born with a silver spoon in mouth may place the life
On golden throne just for the lucky few -
While the others born without a cushion toil under sun
With the hope of smelling the morning dew!

The calligraphy of winds drenched by rain may bring hopes
For the millions to survive on this Earth -
While the privileged will exercise the privilege
To dominate the unprivileged since their hapless birth!

Dream is universal and does not dwell only within the polluted city
Or the vestige of a blackened tent -
Rather it weaves the web of hopes, bigger or smaller,
Against the reality and can really cause the dent!

Thus, the life surfs on the roller coasters of dream or reality,
To tantalize the survival thought -
And adds fuel to the fire of burning desire
Of kissing the pot of gold that's everywhere sought!

Harmony and contentment work as a tranquilizer
To silence the agonies of the neglected millions -
By joining all the hands with the minds and breaking the barriers,
Posing as impostors, in billions!

Irrespective of our position in life, we must strive to work together
To glorify the present and future mankind -
While laying the foundations of a common platform,
To anchor our emotional ship loaded with peace of mind!

Geography or the contours of our planets may be ignored
To open the barrage of emotions awaiting the flow -
In the beginning of the next millennium, to benefit the global human race,
And I am sure certainly it will glow!

Now, the opportunities are limitless for the globalization of thoughts
Within the twinkling of our eye -
Because of the modern technology, we can paint the picture
Of the whole world with all kinds of dye!

Today, let us fight against the spirits of mendacity and addictions,
Swayed by the evils of human race -
And bring the gleaming rainbows of dreams within our reach
Without dawning the masks on the face!

Let the homogenization of race, color, and religion
Become the secret 'mantra' of a millennium vision -
And keep this dream alive while we pave the roads of love
And goodwill buried in a heavenly mission!!


Hillol Ray

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