The gift you give
is the one you get.

If there was no greed
there would be no need
for bargaining.
No desire to get
more for less.

I don't want to bargain with you.
You give me what you give,
and all I want from you
is what you give with pleasure.

I don't want any pity
or anything out of duty.
You have no debt towards me.
You're obligation-free.

Don't try to bargain with me.
I give you what I give.
And all I want to give to you,
is what I give with pleasure.

I don't want to give 
out of fear or obligation.
I won't let guilt or sadness
eat away at me.

I've lived through all the pains
of constant sacrifice.
That kind of life is definitely
not the one for me.

I know I can have more,
I know I can do better.
I just will not let anyone
live my life for me.

I know I may sound selfish
and maybe even cold
but I say better now
than when I'm old.

I don't want to wake up
one day to find
that all the dreams I had
were left behind.

So if you want to walk with me
for whatever length of time
I'll gladly share the road
if we walk it side by side

But don't expect me
to follow or to lead.
Don't expect anything
and we'll be happy.

The gift that I offer
is the one that I want.
Be my companion,
be my true friend.

Let's live this life
the best way we can.
There's never been
a better time to do it.
The best time to do it is now.

Carmen Colombo

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