Face Value

The things that we love to treasure always prefer to have a price -
And they go up in values over time, may be twice or even thrice !
But holding on the time is the key to success that we desperately seek -
Followed by the wrinkle on the forehead, just above the cuddly cheek !

The distance between two hearts can be measured by the throb or the chill -
Hidden neatly in the valleys of love, where words cannot ride or even feel !
Throbs may become faster if or when we can see the only other face -
And provoke us to 'win' all the 'cards', carrying nothing but the ace !

The rainbows, after drizzling, trigger romance in an inquisitive soul -
To make us view the world around, like the fish sees from the bowl !
The face tends to lit up brightly, and suddenly weaves the threads of joy -
And shows happiness, like a child, upon receipt of the latest beloved toy !

At times, we wonder, if face is the real index of mind -
Or it's something else, like a puppet, to put us in bind !
The shadow on the face, at dawn or dusk, may signal the impending storm -
And often blow away the dusts, settled around the heart, to bring it to norm !

The world would be heaven if we can accept the face as the locus -
And bury our differences, at all the times, to hone only on the focus !

So, the face value, cloaked by admonition of life, some day will definitely
soar -
While teaching us to respect mankind on earth, mused by the comet's uproar

Hillol Ray

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