Many people ask questions similar to the following:


In answer to the question "What exactly are we supposed to do on Earth Day?" may I suggest the following:

The more we make every day an Earth Trustee Day, the better we will know what to do on Earth Day.  As Earth Trustees we will strive in our daily life to help "peace, justice and the care of Earth."  This means looking at your daily conduct for choices that will foster harmony, diminish pollution, diminish waste and assist nature.  (Walk more, ride less, buy less, grow some of your own food, recycle, plant a tree, etc.)   Join some group that is helping to further these goals.

Then on Earth Day you will think about and talk about our wonderful planet – what you have done to help it and your plans for the coming year.  To celebrate the wonder of this amazing planet you can join with others at your church, school or other group – with exhibits and speakers, and invigorate participation with music and entertainment.

If possible, join at the time of the Equinox in the global Earth Trustee dedication and commitment to be responsible Earth Trustees.  Aware we are one human family, people from every creed and culture link hearts and minds in silent prayer or reflection for a minute or more around this special moment.  Peace Bells at the United Nations and other places will be ringing -- reminding us the wonder of Spring is here.  

Earth Day:
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