From 83 year old John McConnell – The Man Who Started Earth Day

The approaching celebration of Earth Day at the United Nations on March 20, the first day of Spring, provides a great opportunity. 

When the United Nations Peace Bell rings at the moment Spring begins, people world wide are invited to join together in heartfelt silent prayer and dedication to the nurture of our planet and the welfare of its people.  Actions good or bad begin in the mind.

Here is a chance to win enthusiastic support by people of  goodwill – who are in the majority, for what they believe will best help people and planet.  In assuming such responsibility, they will be acting, each in their own way, as trustees of Earth.    

To succeed, this task must be a first priority.  To provide headlines, follow-up and reports of progress, we need His Holiness, Pope John Paul II and other concerned world leaders to request all TV, radio and web sites to provide live coverage of the United Nations Earth Day Ceremony – when the Peace Bell is rung at the moment Spring begins: 

Saturday, March 20, 1999 at 8:46 p.m. EST. (0146 GMT March 21)

This can be a Great Day for Planet Earth and begin Earth’s rejuvenation. Every institution (government, business, schools, religions, etc.) will be urged to plan, act and report to media how they are helping.  The first responsibility of mass media will be to seek solutions that are working best and feature them so they can help others.  Here is a chance for a moral equivalent of World War II that will excite the young with hope for the future.

As we approach the new millennium we are confronted with the horror of the last hundred years – with its senseless wars, greed and deception.  The basis for a true and honorable future must be repentance for the sins of our past, forgiveness of others who have sinned (regardless of whether less or far more) and a sincere humility that will make us meek – a necessity in working effectively with others.  (And the "meek shall inherit the Earth"). 

Please forward this message to someone you know.

John McConnell

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