Every Living Thing
By: Ervin M. Drake
Dedicated to John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day
    This beautiful planet Earth,
    This paradise we inhabit,
    This home of the Redwood, Magnolia and Oak, 
    The Eagle the Whale and the Rabbit.
    This bountiful Mother Earth, 
    This wonder who gave us our birth,
    As She did for the Moss and the Lichen and Fern,
    She has a lesson She'd like us to learn:
        Every Living Thing is special,
        Every Living Thing, unique,
        And Every Living Thing would tell us so
        If Every Living Thing could speak.
        Every Living Thing has feelings,
        Every Living Thing knows pain,
        And, I guess, on that level we are all connected
        In an endless living chain.
        Every Living Thing has beauty,
        Depending on your point of view,
        And just as much right to be here
        As the things we call "humans" do.
        The link that unites all beings
        Can be told in a simple phrase:
            Every Living Thing 
            Needs another living thing
            To share its nights and days!
Ervin M. Drake
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