I wish I could find words
that have yet to be spoken.
Just talking to you
feels sacrilegious.

I wish there was a way
to know you completely.
You don't need mystery
to keep my interest.

You say it's so easy
for me to know you well.
But I feel the earth and sky
wedged between us.

You say to just ask
and you'll do anything.
But there's got to be something
I keep missing...

Once and for all,
can we lay it on the line?
Can we do away with
the hazy fašade...

Your codes are hard to figure
I have no master key.
Just tell me what you want
from me.

Don't say I should know,
stop playing with my mind.
Zooming in and out of me,
you're making me blind.

Don't talk to me about your love
if you won't follow through.
Just tell me how to get
to you.

You hide behind a veil
and tease me all the time.
When I feel I'm getting close,
you're light years away.

I'm an open book
but you insist on playing games.
I don't know what to do
I'm so confused...

Carmen Colombo
October 18, 1997

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