Change will only come
when you've really had enough.
When you stop making excuses
and stop thinking life is tough.

If you really think that you deserve
a lot more than you have,
then get out there and get it!
Just get off your ass!

Nothing's ever good enough
if you really think about it.
There's always something out there
that looks much better.

But it won't come to you
on a silver platter.
So if you really want it,
get off your ass and get it!

Stop saying that you can't
when you don't even try.
The whole world is sick
of hearing you cry.

You sit there all day
feeling sorry for yourself,
thinking of reasons
of why you could fail.

If you're so creative
and deserve so much more,
why not think of a way
to get up off that floor?

You're wasting your energy
chasing old memories
when you could be
living it up!

Your past is behind you.
Your future is up to you.
It couldn't be
simpler than that.

You can choose at any moment
to go one way or another.
The only boss is you,
there really is no other.

No one else can live
your life for you.
You have to be yourself
and do what you have to do.

So if you find yourself
always in the same position,
and see yourself repeating
the same old patterns...

Maybe it's time
to stop making excuses.
It's time that you
look at your life.

You only get out of it
what you put into it.
It's really as simple
as that.

Carmen Colombo
October 1994

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