If anyone's out there
won't you give me a sign
just so that I know
I'm not wasting my time
I live every moment believing
but I'm still having trouble just breathing

Sometimes I feel like a walking time bomb
that could go off at any moment
the beast inside of me frightens me
and I can't believe it's a part of me

Some days I feel that I'm in control
and some days I even forget that it's there
but it seems more and more lately
that it will take over and it makes me so scared

I don't know when I first felt like this
but most of my life I've struggled with it
and I'm starting to wonder which is the best way
to deal with this beast that eats me away

The lion tamers say that you conquer fear with love
you have to trust so much that you don't even wear a glove
the wild beast is tamed through tenderness
it's when you release love that it serves you best

If you think that your life is not good enough
it's because you're not looking through the eyes of your heart
if you think you lack something to complete your life
then you really need to take a good look at your life

Look at what you're doing
do you even realize
everyday is the same
any day could be your last

You keep doing the same things
and expecting different outcomes
you're dreaming if you think that this is living
and it's time that you wake up from your dream

Carmen Colombo

WOW Poetry

The WOW Project