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Make Our Satellite A Symbol Of Hope!

Usually in these editorial columns we stick pretty closely to local matters. But some issues arising outside our own locality become so universal in importance that they are "local" for everyone in the world. Of course we are referring now to earth satellites and man’s venture into the conquest of Space.

What was science fiction only yesterday has become visible – audible – fact today. "After a lifetime of some 250,000 years on earth has conquered earth gravity and stands poised on the era of universal exploration." writes Norman Cousins in a penetrating editorial in "The Saturday Review" for Oct. 19, called "Sense and Satellites."

But, he points out, the event brings "no universal feeling of release or jubilation," overcast as it is by the chill of a cold war and the threat of extinction by intercontinental missiles utilizing the same principles used in launching the satellite. The answer, Cousins says, is "not to conjure up more effective ways of destroying the world." (How trivial is the whole argument of who or what is to blame for the Russians’ getting ahead of us in the armed missiles race – when we consider that the race itself can lead only to destruction!) "The principal need," insists the Saturday Review editor, "is to tap our intelligence and moral imagination to the fullest in creating a working design for a better tomorrow in which all the world’s people can share. …A great idea looking towards the development of a world community will circle the globe more rapidly than the fastest satellite. It will give us access to the majority of the world’s peoples – on whom security really depends. It will also help to make life bearable on this planet before we take off for other ones."

Now is the moment when "Peace On Earth" might have its best opportunity for realization. When men work together for some great goal they share, the forces that make for peace and understanding have the best chance to operate. And a greater goal could scarcely be dreamed of than the exploration of the Universe, in man’s eternal search to find and understand his place in the Universe.

What will be the effect upon the world when our own satellite is launched? Will it turn the world toward peace and unity, or away? We need some symbol of peace, to give the world a promise that conquest of space will be for good and not for evil. To create such a symbol would require no new discoveries

The means are already at hand to make the appearance of our satellite as startling an event as the appearance of Sputnik, but startling in a different way. Could not the small satellite to be launched in December according to present plans appear as a brightly shining Star of Hope?

The mechanics of the thing should not be too difficult. The body of the satellite could be covered with some highly reflective material such as aluminum foil. More difficult would be the task of convincing the peoples of the earth that this was not just a propaganda device. Indeed, we would need to make sure ourselves, as a nation, that it was not! The symbol would need to be accompanied by sincere words and convincing deeds in the direction of peace and world cooperation.

It is true that certain segments of humanity do not believe in the Event symbolized by the star of Christmas. But there is no religion or no nation on earth (considering people, not governments) that does not respond with hope and longing to the angel’s song of Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men.

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